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Challenging gameplay

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About Soul Plaza

Soul Plaza was designed on the concept of, “What if we could strategically send souls to their desired place?” It’s time to take the responsibility in our hands right now. Spare some time to TAP & send souls to their correct destination.

An insane amount of addictive gameplay. It’s a warning prior to your first tap on this game. Soul Plaza is a fast paced game with a handpicked soundtrack that will add to it’s gameplay and immerse you into the insane amount of entertainment quotient. The game consists of various levels of increasing difficulties that will keep you on your toes. Soul Plaza will relax your nerve and help you kill your free time whilst enjoying the same.

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Have some spare time that can be spent playing games? Tap in to enjoy the game and help different souls reach their destiny. Share your highscore with the world and beat your friends in this race for a better earth.

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