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About NTSmoking

NTSmoking isn’t just an app that will help you quit smoking. But this will have an impact on your lifestyle. We at NT Smoking strongly believe that smoking cigarettes is taking away our beautiful lives. To us, it was never about the cost of the cigarettes : the amount of money you could have saved by not Smoking. NT Smoking believes and grieves for the number of moments you have probably missed and will continue to miss because of smoking. This app is your answer to how to quit smoking : The best quit smoking app is available now.

NT Smoking is committed to help you in your journey to quit smoking. NT Smoking has devised a method to help quit smoking without ever craving for it. Are you ready to pick a fight with smoking. NT Smoking backs you up with it’s well thought-tested ways of quitting smoking. NT Smoking has a sure shot way that will help you quit smoking. Stop looking for tips to quit smoking, Here is a tested proven way to quitting smoking. Curious what happens when you quit smoking ? This is your best anti tobacco app. Stop looking around and try the best way to quit smoking.

Controlling The Moment Is Winning The Moment!

NTSmoking gives you a guaranteed rid of your smoking craving in just 4 - 7 WEEKS. Let NTSmoking guide you to a way of life that is healthier, wealthier and LONGER.

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Awesome Features

An exceptional unique to the world concept

Introduced for the very first time ever, this NT Smoking method has been designed for you to have complete control over your mind and cravings.

Your health is your valued asset

We understand the value of your health for the good of your loved ones. See what health changes occur while you are on your path to quit smoking

An Actual Damage Calculator

This is the real deal. We don’t just tell you the amount of money you can save if you quit smoking. Instead, we have a damage calculator that actually matters.

A fun game to play while we kill your cravings

Craving for a puff? Engage yourself into some fun games that will keep you busy.

A history tracker

Track your smoking habits and see how successfully you have managed to get rid of your puffXpress.

Don't Want to be disturbed

We value your time and sentiments. Choose from 3 different notification styles and see what comforts you.

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