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We Are Gravity.

Gravity is the ultimate force of nature that is responsible for the binding of the UNIVERSE. It is the SONG, the RYTHM of the universe. Every element in the universe be it life, air or water is totally dependent on gravity. We at gravity shape your ideas into reality.

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Universe Of Apps

The biggest rainbow of mobile-based apps, which will touch all aspects of life.


We aim to create a common ground for every realistic idea.

Shining Star

You are the shining stars in our obsidian sky. Together we can create balance.

High Immersion

Apps with high immersion and entertainment value for your maximum satisfaction.

Personal Touch

Our apps will provide a soothing and comforting experience by personally connecting with you.

Endless Possibilities

As our ideas are endless, the possibilities with Gravity knows no limit.

Stay Tuned

We are constantly working to realize "OUR" ideas and more of Gravity's miracles are yet to happen.

Everbody's a Winner

We will have a strong foothold in every direction. Everyone will be able to bond with Gravity.

Real Rewards 4 Real Players

We promote the "Winning Attitude" and Winners will be rewarded gloriously.

Gravity: Where miracles happen

We create miracles by intelligently collaborating with ideas and emotions and present them in a digital form.

Universe Of Apps

The widest array of apps touching every emotion of life.
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Why choose Us

We want to reach out and connect with you on an intimate level. We want to share your ideas to the whole world and reward those who "Dare To Dream ".

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Our Mission

To create a universe which knows no limitations. Limitations are pushed only through ideas. By combining the ideas of people, we will create a sync amongst mankind and will together make efforts for a much better world to live in.

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What you get

We provide a pedestal for people from all walks of life to share their vision to the world. We take those visions and combined them with great deal of effort to produce lively apps through which you can mint a fortune.

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Digital Dreams

The “Information Superhighway” as it is called has become the sole major carrier of our dreams. It has flipped our universe upside down.


The 6 inches Volcano

Universally, there has been an explosion in wireless transmission and the epicenter of this explosion is the Mobile Phone.

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