Problem with CEO's of StartUps

Problem with CEO's of StartUps

So after much explaining to the world that you are an adult now, you are all set to prove yourself. And what better way of imposing your adulthood on others than owning your own company, with you being the all doer.

Coming up with in idea is stupid enough already. But going all the way to realize it can earn you an “Academy Award in Idiocy”. But achieving this award won’t be a piece of cake as you will face severe competition from the opposition. Here are some of the nominations.

1. Your Inner Voice - Though you are on your journey full of dreams and candies, there is always a Mad Hatter creating chaos in your Wonderland.

2. Your Co-Founder - Whether you are poised to put up a grand scheme or trying to stack up a Jenga Tower, your sidekick is always there to bring you down with plans so stupid you feel like hitting him in the … face.

3. Your Family - Your folks think that you’ve just lost it. There as in admiring sense of awkwardness between you two and they are on the verge of disowning you.

4. The Investors – They have to spend money to make money. So they spend most of the time mocking your idea while relaxing in their newly bought Horse Ranch in Texas.