The 6 Inches Volcano

The 6 Inches Volcano

Universally, there has been an explosion in wireless transmission and the epicenter of this explosion is the Mobile Phones. These handy communicators consist most of the technology in today’s world.

Now a glance at what “technology” really is. It is the collaboration of ideas of several minds. A solitary mind can bring out trillions of ideas, but if combined with other minds can cause a havoc. The mobile phone or the smartphone as it is now called is the havoc created by these ideas.

Smartphones have brought about a tremendous change in our lives and with the incorporation of more technologies day by day, there is no going back. Our every activity or emotion is contained in this small package. We can share our happy memories and manage all our money through it. We can watch movies, Book a flight, make new friends, exercise , listen to music and do everything that can be channeled. Basically, the possibilities are endless. The 24 hour internet connectivity is possible and you don’t have to be carrying a camera. The mobile messaging platforms like WhatsApp has literally subdued the usage of e-mails and text messages.

Who could have imagined that a simple device which can fit into our palm will be our strongest ally. The mobile platform has seen a rapid growth in such a short time and it’s mainly due to communication.

Most of the conflicts and collaboration happen on the mobile universe. You can tweet from anywhere around the world and it can become an instant sensation. You can make people aware of your presence and stream your vision to them. Infact 70% of the billionaires of the past decade owe their existence to the Mobile platforms.

The mobile platform has cut the ropes between the Objectivity and Subjectivity. Facts supported with emotions can be a powerful change in the shaping of the universe.