Digital Dreams

Digital Dreams

The “Information Superhighway” as it is called has become the sole major carrier of our dreams. It has flipped our universe upside down. Nowadays we live in a dualistic universe, one that is created by the God and the other by Us.

Before the internet there wasn’t any appropriate way to be updated with the events that were happening. People had to rush to the newsstand and buy a “local” newspaper to know what happened the “previous” day. People were actually paying for an occurred event. But today you are one or two fingertouch away from any happening event, anywhere around the world.

The internet has brought a massive change in the way we exist, communicate and learn which earlier seemed impossible. The youth might not be aware of this but earlier there were only limited options of communication such as Telegrams, Desk Phones and Letters. There wasn’t any online education portal and videos. Most importantly there weren’t any Digital Dreams. Digitalization has proved to be a boon to us. The sector that is the most affected by the Digitalization is the communication. We can share our outstanding ideas to the world and earn a fortune.

Around 72% of internet users have an account on one of the social media platforms. People who have realistic visions can fruit them to reality via Internet. It doesn’t matter if you are from a humble background, you can change the wiring of the world. The internet can give you a high statured life by providing a solid launching pad in your career and dreams. You don’t have to struggle and waste a lot of your time to acknowledge just a small change. The Digital Dreams aren’t stout to accomplish. From an eight th grader of Theerthamali to an IItian from Roorkee, from a local farmer of Bhatinda to an established Businessman in Ahemdabad, from a deprived daughter of Orissa to a divorcee from Bangalore ; all can easily approach their dreams.

You just have to be daring enough to dream and be smart enough to “execute a foolproof plan”. Even in a tough Macroeconomic environment, the Internet provides you ample opportunities to Download your Dreams.