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Dice Maze Wizard

Dice Maze WizardExplore the magical board game of DMW

A stock of mystical objects and characters await your presence in this ORIGINAL board game.


AstrosumBiggest Magic Of Astrology

Everything about Astrology, Power to know and Change destiny.

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On Time PunchRedefine Your Luck.

Take on the biggest challenge of your life. Solve puzzle and become OTP Celeb

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Soul PlazaThe souls need sorting.

Strategically send souls to earth and help make it a better place.

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Kyubic GameTap or tap out.

High paced, tap game to keep you entertained for hours.

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Castaway GameBe the saviour.

Save earth and earthlings from Virus-X. Make it home again.

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Nt SmokingSmoke-free in 7 weeks

Don’t let smoke take away your beautiful life. Quit Smoking.

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NirvanaEmotions Of Life.

Transition your weaknesses into your strengths and conquer the Nirvana.

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2MNTSThe Defining Moment.

Every important change in your life isn't planned and worked upon.

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Life69What You Give Is What You Get.

A balance sheet between you and your life.

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NumromatticNumbers Game

Everything related to you is already written. Gain the wisdom through numerology.

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Grey BetiEvening The Odds

There is no black and white beti in our society. Get familier with the grey side.

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Yeh Bola!Memory Lane

No more misunderstandings and drama. Now sneak peak into other's emotions.