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The earth has been hit by a gigantic meteor causing volumes of destruction and havoc all over the place. And to add to our misery, it was carrying Virus-X. Virus-X has been studied to be fatal for humans. Half the population was affected by Virus-X and is bound to suffocate if not helped in time. Luckily, a group of scientists at Gravity have figured out an antidote tunnel that can cure the infection. The city needs to be evacuated and all the people will have to pass through the antidote tunnel to be cured of the infection. The tunnel is activated by tapping the screen and once activated, it cures the infected humans. These humans are shifted to a new home in a new city.

Play one of the cool games that the store has to offer right now. Cast away belongs to the really fun addicting games to play league where you enjoy these games for a very long time. Try Cast away right now which is one of the classic arcade games from Gravity. This is one of the super addicting games that Gravity has to offer.

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Castaway is an awesome journey of 9 levels that are immensely fun and exciting. The game is insanely addictive and an engaging soundtrack makes the experience even more immersive. The game has an interesting randomizer across it’s all 9 levels that make the game interesting each time you play a level. Castaway will keep you engaged and excited for very long hours.

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